September 14, 2008 michelleandchanning

Have I told y’all how wonderful my husband is?  NO, Well Shame on Me!!!!  Let me tell you what Channing has had to deal with for the last few weeks…

As I write, I’m enjoying the smells breakfast, particularly pancakes, coming from my kitchen. Now, this is our usual weekend routine. Channing likes to cook breakfast on his days off. But this morning, Emma and I told him we didn’t want any. She wanted cereal. But about an hour later, amidst the nausea, I decided pancakes were just the thing to get me feeling better. My sweet husband didn’t hesitate. But, he didn’t stop with pancakes. There were eggs, grits, hashbrowns, all for us. He and Emma ate those, I just wanted the pancakes.

Anyway, back to the past few weeks… Since before we found out about the new baby, I’ve been dealing with a pretty nasty sinus infection. Once we found out I was pregnant, all normal medications were taken off the table. At one point, it got so bad, he was up with me at 4am calling pharmacists to see if there was anything that I could take.  The next day, he went bought me soup.  It’s been like that off and on for the last couple of weeks. When I’m feeling really sick,  he’s there to pick up the slack with Emma.  And let me tell you, with this potty training, there has been alot to do.  He even spent the majority of the 2 1/2 hour doctor visit wrangling Emma.  She wasn’t very cooperative that day.  

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Emma and I are both still fighting these infections. I think we keep passing it back and forth to each other. Channing, so far, has not gotten sick.  I hope it stays that way, especially with his Mexico trip in a few days.  That reminds me… 5 days until we head home!!!!!! I am so excited! I can not wait to be there and see everybody!


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  • 1. Lily  |  September 14, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Channing does love a good breakfast and I’m glad he’s passing it on to ya’ll. Sorry your sick hope it gets better by the fair!! Lambs look great! Can’t wait to see ya’ll!

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