September 6, 2008 michelleandchanning

Floods have been on my mind today.  Strange, I know, but whoever said I was normal?

First, the floods I’ve missed in Mississippi. Is it weird that I was upset that I wasn’t there for Hurricane Gustav’s appearance? The day he hit the coast, it was a beautiful, sunny, 85 degrees here. I spent all day inside watching Fox News and every piece of Hurricane coverage I could find. I really felt like I was in the wrong place. I thought about how me, Channing, Justin, and I think Jim was there too, sat at the porch doors of Lake Caroline and watched Katrina roll in. Something in me just felt like I was supposed be there with everyone I knew; waiting to see how it would play out. Turns out all he did was dump alot of rain everywhere. I still wanted to be there.

This morning, I got my own flood; right here in my basement. It was an interesting event, and nothing was hurt, everything’s fine, but interesting none the less. The patio is being redone right now, and the brick layers needed to use our outside water faucet. I knew something didn’t sound right when I heard it come on. A little bit later, when I was walking to the kitchen, I heard it. A rushing sound in my basement. When I got down there, the water was literally pouring in. Twenty minutes and two phone calls later, I had a plumber here, who had the whole thing fixed within the hour. Apparently, the hose had not been “winterized” properly, and had burst at some point while frozen. The guy tried to explain it to me, but it was obviously lost on ignorant ears.  Anyway, none of our stuff was messed up, and I learned something really cool. Basement floors have a slight slope to them to allow for draining when flooding happens. This allows for the sump pump (I didn’t know what that was either) to get rid of the water.  I find all this very interesting. Don’t know why, but I do. You learn something new every day.

Now let’s talk about the flood in the bathroom. By this, I mean Emma. Now that she’s over her fear of using the potty, that seems to be all she does during the day. I guess she’s figured out the rewards of going really outweigh the consequences of not. Anyway, I know it’s a good thing. Really, I’m so proud and excited. I’ve finally bought my last box of diapers, at least till the new baby gets here. But, new baby diapers are so tiny, they’re cute, and I’m ready to have those again.  Overall, the potty training is going really well. She only gets a diaper at night, and for the last two nights, she’s been dry when she woke up. I know this may be TMI for some of you, but I also the family members who want this kind of update. So there you go. That’s what’s been happening here, How are you?


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  • 1. Trisha  |  September 6, 2008 at 3:43 am

    Can sympathize with that feeling of being away when something is happening at home-having lived away for 4 years (even only 3 hours) is not the same as being within an hour of each other. Hope that Ike does not go into the gulf. Tell Emma I am proud of her and will make sure she gets an ice cream sandwich when she comes to granny’s house.

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